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"The Other Talk has been ranked at the top of Amazon's Best Seller list for retirement planning and aging parents since it was launched at the beginning of September."

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Talking with your children can be hard...

Do you remember how difficult (and necessary) it was to have the "birds and bees" talk with your children? The Other Talk is equally critical to your kids' future. It's about the end of life. Yours. And how to deal with the many issues and decisions that will confront you and your children in your last chapter. Click here to discover some of the catalysts that can help to start the process

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Talking with your parents can be harder...

Your parents are about to enter retirement. As their last chapter unfolds, are you prepared for eventually becoming your parents' parent? The Other Talk is the catalyst you need to encourage an open and honest conversation with your parents and siblings on the many issues and decisions that lie ahead. Click here to start the process...

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Navigating the Boomer's Perfect Storm

For any family from any generation, The Other Talk can have a wide-ranging impact on internal family dynamics. However, for the Baby Boomers, there is an additional set of unique external factors that will inject further incentive to embrace The Other Talk

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Financing an Uncertain Future

One of the great tragedies at the end of life is that parents and kids often find themselves wiped out financially. In fact, one of out every three bankruptcies in America is caused by late-stage medical expenses.

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How and When to Give Up the Car Keys

I love driving, especially in my blue sports car, a Nissan 350Z. I love the freedom of getting up and going whenever I want. So when I contemplate the possibility that a time will come when I shouldn't be driving, I get despondent and depressed

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Continue Living in Your Home

A key component of The Other Talk is a thorough and realistic discussion of where you want to (and where you'll be able to) live in your last chapter and how that can be accomplished.

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Taking Charge at The End of Your Life

Many people fear death because of the dread of pain and suffering, the feelings of abandonment and helplessness. A major tenet of this book is that these issues can be mitigated by approaching them as a family

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The Agony of Role Reversal

For many of us, the most challenging and sensitive issue that we will come up against in The Other Talk are the changes that we will experience in our last chapter of life. In essence, you become the child and your child becomes the parent.

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